zumos y smoothies HPP

With HPP juices, smoothies and drinks maintain all their properties

Thanks to high pressure treatment it is possible to develop functional, organic and preservative-free products; how freshly done!

So much so, that these products maintain their functional properties (antioxidants, etc.), minerals and vitamins throughout the useful life.

Compared to thermal pasteurization, high pressure cold pasteurization retains most of these compounds, with no noticeable changes compared to the untreated product.

Here are some examples!

  • 100% pomegranate juice: Product with high content of bioactive compounds that, after the application of the HPP treatment, increases the intensity of the red color of the fresh juice and preserves the content of natural anthocynins, that is, its natural antioxidant power.

REF: Ferrari, Giovanna & Maresca, Paola & Ciccarone, R.. (2010). The application of high hydrostatic pressure for the stabilization of functional foods: Pomegranate juice. journal of Food Engineering. 100. 245-253.

  • Plum puree: The HPP treatment offers the opportunity to process this product to maintain its characteristics as if it were a fresh product. In this case, the total phenols and anthocyonins showed no changes after treatment and in addition, the characteristic color of this product was maintained during the useful life.

REF: F. González-Cebrino, R. Durán, J. Delgado-Adámez, R. Contador, R. Ramírez,

Changes after high-pressure processing on physicochemical parameters, bioactive compounds, and polyphenol oxidase activity of red flesh and peel plum purée,

Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, Volume 20, 2013, Pages 34-41,

ISSN 1466-8564100%

  • Orange juice: The quality parameters analyzed of orange juice (° Brix, viscosity, browning index, color, etc.) and the concentrations of ascorbic acid and β-carotene were not significantly affected by HPP throughout the shelf life of the product (approximately 90 days).

REF: Michelle K Bull, Katherine Zerdin, Effie Howe, Dimitria Goicoechea, Priscilla Paramanandhan, Regine Stockman, Jay Sellahewa, Elizabeth A Szabo, Robert L Johnson, Cynthia M Stewart. The effect of high pressure processing on the microbial, physical and chemical properties of Valencia and Navel orange juice,

Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2004, Pages 135-149, ISSN 1466-8564,

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