Fish and Seafood

Cold pasteurization of fish and seafood

Fish and seafood producers are already enjoying the benefits of HPP

Cold processing of fish and seafood

With our high pressure processing (HPP), fish and seafood manufacturers are making new waves with their innovation in the fisheries sector, based on the production efficiency, freshness, taste and food safety of their products.

Benefits of cold processing fish and seafood

Achieving greater yields

With pressure five times greater than that of the deepest oceans, HPP separates 100% of the meat of a crayfish or lobster from its shell, and the same applies for oysters, clams or any other type of shellfish. This leads to better batches, that are produced more quickly and in greater quantities, lower washing costs and extended shelf lives. With HPP technology, you’ll never have to open an oyster again.

With HPP the fresh taste is preserved for longer

From the shores of Thailand to the Alaska coasts, seafood producers provide the world with lobsters, crabs, oysters and fresh fish of the very highest quality. HPP captures the ‘fresh off the boat’ taste and preserves it for longer after processing.

With its natural focus and avoidance of chemicals for the preservation of seafood, HPP can even manage to make food taste better. By improving moisture retention, the sumptuous seafood juices are kept inside the meat – just where they’re meant to be – during cooking or storage.

HPP eliminates risks

However, the best thing of all is that during pressurisation, HPP inactivates the dangerous pathogens carried by some foods, such as Listeria, salmonella and Vibrio in oysters. The benefits in terms of safety make HPP a true blessing for manufacturers of fish based ready meals, as the foods can be processed in their final packaging, thus eliminating the risk of post-packaging contamination.

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