hpp technology

HPP Technology

Processed with high hydrostatic pressures

(High Pressure Processing)

HPP makes it possible to extend the shelf lives of packaged food products, without losing their flavour or nutritional content.

Definition with Tecnology HPP

A post-packaging, non-thermal pasteurisation system which uses high hydrostatic pressure (up to 87,000 psi – 6,000 bar) to inactivate pathogens in foods, and which makes it possible to increase food safety and shelf life, and to reduce or eliminate the use of preservatives.

Feautures of the HPP Technology

Safer foods

HPP inactivates harmful microbiological activity in foods, without destroying their vitamins or minerals or inactivating their enzymes.

Fresher and tastier products

It preserves their freshness and sensory properties – colour, taste and appearance.

More environmentally friendly

Reducing or cutting out the use of preservatives. No chemical agents are used, just water.

Less waste and more business opportunities

HPP increases products’ shelf lives, ensuring they maintain quality and freshness until the end of the consumption cycle.

Up to 90% less waste, depending on the product

Bureau Veritas
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
International Featured Standard (IFS)

Benefits of HPP technology

Quality and food safety

Natural ingredients: organic products

Extended expiry dates: longer shelf life

New products

HPP Benefits for consumers

HPP technology offers a range of nutritional properties that are healthier and better for consumers. It eliminates the bacteria that put foods at risk, and without using preservatives it extends the product’s life, keeping the original sensory properties intact.

Increasing the quality and extending the shelf lives of products

Quality is maintained at a constant throughout the shelf life of the product

tecnología HPP

How HPP technology works

The product is inserted into the HPP vessel. The water is compressed to create instant hydrostatic pressure that is uniform at all points around the product. The flexible packaging transmits the pressure to the product, while also protecting it from the water.

Tecnología HPP
Tecnología HPP
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