Cold pasteurisation of meat products

Cold pasteurisation of meat products

The HPP system puts meat producers a step ahead of the rest.

From cold turkey cuts to cured pork sausages, manufacturers the world over put their trust in our high pressure processing (HPP) technology for the preparation of safer, more natural and better-tasting meat products that last longer and dispense with the need for preservatives.

Other applications of HPP technology include the tenderisation and marination of fresh meats and its use for bulk packaging in order to avoid initial contamination between different processing plants.

It protects both consumers and brands

Food safety is always a chief concern in the meat industry; HPP technology offers producers one of the most effective ways of supplying safe and healthy food, without chemical products or heat treatments. The high pressure inactivates harmful and potentially deadly pathogens such as E. coli, Listeria monocytogenes and salmonella.

The HPP system processes meat products when they have already been packaged, eliminating the risk of subsequent contamination and improving efficiency in the production chain.

At the counters of charcuteries and butchers, more and more customers are turning their backs on products with chemical additives and artificial preservatives. The HPP process provides delicious and healthy foods, which is just what consumers want.

Estas son solo algunas de las aplicaciones de HPP para productos cárnicos:

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