Cold pasteurization of juices

Juices with the taste of freshly pressed fruit

Thanks to high pressure processing (HPP), we are entering a new era in the juices and beverages industry.

Manufacturers that are already processing their natural fruit and vegetable juices with HPP are achieving a fresh taste, straight from the land, without preservatives or additives.

Advantages of cold pasteurization of juices and juices

Advantages up, bacteria down

Unlike traditional pasteurisation heat treatments, which strip juices and beverages of their nutrients, enzymes and probiotics, our high pressure processing conserves all the nutrients and keeps them intact.

Greater retail opportunities

Taste is not the only reason why manufacturers choose the HPP system for their products; juices and beverages last up to 90 days longer, depending on the packaging process. This is why our partners are occupying an ever increasing share of shelf space at points of sale, increasing their production and suffering fewer returns, with a clear increase in profits. It’s a win-win situation for all parties: the consumers, the retailers and the food producers.

Packaging options: the perfect combination

It’s good to have options, especially when it comes to production. With HPP, juices and beverages can be processed in their final retail packaging or in large bulk bags for the hotel, restaurant and catering sector.

The pressurisation purifies the packaging, meaning that HPP removes the need to sterilise bottles separately. You can also use most types of plastic packaging, including PET, PE bottles and Doypack stand-up pouches.

By using bulk bags, producers can use up to the full volume of the HPP machine and send fresh juice to the final retailer. Furthermore, bulk bags allow juice to keep all its properties intact throughout the whole of its shelf life.

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