The HPP system puts meat producers a step ahead of the rest.

From cold turkey cuts to cured pork sausages, manufacturers the world over put their trust in our high pressure processing (HPP) technology for the preparation of safer, more natural and better-tasting meat products that last longer and dispense with the need for preservatives.

Other applications of HPP technology include the tenderisation and marination of fresh meats and its use for bulk packaging in order to avoid initial contamination between different processing plants.

It protects both consumers and brands

Food safety is always a chief concern in the meat industry; HPP technology offers producers one of the most effective ways of supplying safe and healthy food, without chemical products or heat treatments. The high pressure inactivates harmful and potentially deadly pathogens such as E. coli, Listeria monocytogenes and salmonella.

The HPP system processes meat products when they have already been packaged, eliminating the risk of subsequent contamination and improving efficiency in the production chain.

At the counters of charcuteries and butchers, more and more customers are turning their backs on products with chemical additives and artificial preservatives. The HPP process provides delicious and healthy foods, which is just what consumers want.

The following are just some of the applications of HPP for meat products:

Pre-cooked meat (turkey, chicken, pork, etc.)
Cooked and cured sliced meat
Cooked and smoked sausages
Marinated and semi-prepared meat
Pizza toppings
Cured and cooked cold meats
Boneless cured hams


Fruit and vegetable products with longer shelf lives

High pressure processing (HPP) offers consumers fresher fruit and vegetables, without additives or preservatives. What’s more, it provides the consumer with added value, as it ensures the products retain their sensory qualities – taste, texture and colour – as well as the nutritional content typical of freshly harvested produce. With HPP, there are almost limitless opportunities to create exceptional value-added products.

Delicious and healthy
HPP satisfies consumers’ demands for freshness, taste, nutrition and safety, all without any preservatives or chemical additives. In addition, the healthy vitamins and enzymes that are destroyed or inactivated by traditional heat treatment are kept intact.

Safety with HPP
High pressure processing (HPP) inactivates harmful pathogens such as salmonella, E. coli and Listeria monocytogenes. As is it used on products that have already been packaged, it eliminates the risk of subsequent contamination with dangerous bacteria, protecting producers from costly product recalls.

Longer shelf lives, greater profitability
Did you know that every year 50% of all fruit and vegetables are wasted? HPP increases the shelf life of fruit and vegetables, reducing spoilage and increasing profits.

Safer production
Our HPP systems eliminate the risk of post-processing contamination, as they inactivate the pathogens in both the food products and the packaging in a single procedure.

Furthermore, they can be used on the majority of types of plastic food packaging, including heat-sealed trays, Doypacks and flow packs.

Avocados led the way…
Many manufacturers began using HPP food preparation for refrigerated fresh guacamole. Soon afterwards, they began to use the technique on avocado halves, giving them a shelf life of up to 30 days. HPP technology has increased the range of products made from avocados. Now, the most innovative food processors are supplying fresh and tasty food products to supermarkets, delicatessens, wholesalers and the hotel, restaurant and catering sector. Sauces, fruit snacks, diced onions, juices, fruit smoothies and apple purée are just a few of the high quality products made from fruit and vegetables that can be processed using the HPP system.


Juices with the taste of freshly pressed fruit

Thanks to high pressure processing (HPP), we are entering a new era in the juices and beverages industry. Manufacturers that are already processing their natural fruit and vegetable juices with HPP are achieving a fresh taste, straight from the land, without preservatives or additives.

Advantages up, bacteria down
Unlike traditional pasteurisation heat treatments, which strip juices and beverages of their nutrients, enzymes and probiotics, our high pressure processing conserves all the nutrients and keeps them intact.

Greater retail opportunities
Taste is not the only reason why manufacturers choose the HPP system for their products; juices and beverages last up to 90 days longer, depending on the packaging process. This is why our partners are occupying an ever increasing share of shelf space at points of sale, increasing their production and suffering fewer returns, with a clear increase in profits. It’s a win-win situation for all parties: the consumers, the retailers and the food producers.

Packaging options: the perfect combination
It’s good to have options, especially when it comes to production. With HPP, juices and beverages can be processed in their final retail packaging or in large bulk bags for the hotel, restaurant and catering sector.

The pressurisation purifies the packaging, meaning that HPP removes the need to sterilise bottles separately. You can also use most types of plastic packaging, including PET, PE bottles and Doypack stand-up pouches.

By using bulk bags, producers can use up to the full volume of the HPP machine and send fresh juice to the final retailer. Furthermore, bulk bags allow juice to keep all its properties intact throughout the whole of its shelf life.


Fish and seafood producers are already enjoying the benefits of HPP

With our high pressure processing (HPP), fish and seafood manufacturers are making new waves with their innovation in the fisheries sector, based on the production efficiency, freshness, taste and food safety of their products.

Achieving greater yields
With pressure five times greater than that of the deepest oceans, HPP separates 100% of the meat of a crayfish or lobster from its shell, and the same applies for oysters, clams or any other type of shellfish. This leads to better batches, that are produced more quickly and in greater quantities, lower washing costs and extended shelf lives. With HPP technology, you’ll never have to open an oyster again.

With HPP the fresh taste is preserved for longer
From the shores of Thailand to the Alaska coasts, seafood producers provide the world with lobsters, crabs, oysters and fresh fish of the very highest quality. HPP captures the ‘fresh off the boat’ taste and preserves it for longer after processing.

With its natural focus and avoidance of chemicals for the preservation of seafood, HPP can even manage to make food taste better. By improving moisture retention, the sumptuous seafood juices are kept inside the meat – just where they’re meant to be – during cooking or storage.

HPP eliminates risks
However, the best thing of all is that during pressurisation, HPP inactivates the dangerous pathogens carried by some foods, such as Listeria, salmonella and Vibrio in oysters. The benefits in terms of safety make HPP a true blessing for manufacturers of fish based ready meals, as the foods can be processed in their final packaging, thus eliminating the risk of post-packaging contamination.


Healthy HPP products that build brands

Modern consumers look for foods with homespun recipes that need little or no preparation. To satisfy this demand, major supermarket chains are using high hydrostatic pressure to process their products so they can offer wet salads that are safer, fresher and ready to eat. Due to the growing popularity of these natural, preservative-free foods, many retailers choose to indicate that their products undergo HPP so as to connect their brand with these values of freshness and quality, from traditional potato salads to guacamole dips and salads with yoghurt sauce. HPP technology is what makes all of this possible.

Food safety comes first
The world renowned researcher V.M. Balasubramaniam described HPP technology as “the most promising food-safety innovation in recent years”.
HPP submerges wet salad packs in cold water and submits them to pressures of up to 6,000 bar, which inactivates pathogens that foods may carry, such as E. coli and Listeria. With HPP you’ll help to protect the health of consumers and the reputation of your business.

Full of flavour, without preservatives
The process does not only make HPP foods among the safest around, it can also improve their taste and texture on the palate. With HPP, manufacturers need not worry about acids or chemical additives that can alter the flavour, texture and quality of the food.

Maximum taste, longer shelf lives
Through the high pressure processing, sauces remain fresh for longer, in most cases extending their shelf life more than threefold. What’s more, the process conserves their healthiest nutrients, which are often destroyed in pasteurisation heat treatments.

Examples of products:

Wet salads
Salad dressings

Foods prepared with HPP are healthier and taste better.

In extending the shelf life of the product, HPP dramatically reduces waste and increases profits.


Fresh, tasty and ready to disappear from the shelves

Welcome to the age of impulse buying of ready-to-eat, fresh and delicious foods that need little or no preparation: welcome to the age of HPP.

Pots of guacamole, chicken legs for the barbecue, sautéed prawns and vegetables – with high pressure processing (HPP) you have unlimited opportunities to supply ready meals that can last up to 90 days, without additives or preservatives. A wide array of meals that are ready to eat and easy to prepare –because consumers love variety.

From cured meats to sauces, the HPP system satisfies their demands with specific applications for almost every product.

Ready meals
Salads and wet salads
Sauces, soups and purées
Pre-cooked meat, vegetables or fish
Hummus, guacamole and other dips
Vegetables with pasta or rice
Dairy products with toppings

An explosion of taste, without preservatives
Consumers want natural foods with the taste of a freshly made dish. The HPP system can help you to offer them just that. Using cold water alone, our HPP machines help conserve the food’s original texture, colour and healthy vitamins. That is why HPP foods taste so delicious!

Safer and longer-lasting ready-to-eat foods
The HPP system processes ready-to-eat packaged products at 6,000 bar in order to neutralise pathogens and extend their shelf lives considerably. By processing foods directly in their final packaging, our machines eliminate the risk of subsequent contamination, thereby protecting both the consumers and your business.

Discover how HPP can help you to accelerate your production of ready meals.

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