Ready meals

Pasteurization of cold ready meals

Fresh, tasty and ready to disappear from the shelves

High pressure treatment of prepared dishes

Welcome to the age of impulse buying of ready-to-eat, fresh and delicious foods that need little or no preparation: welcome to the age of HPP.


Pots of guacamole, chicken legs for the barbecue, sautéed prawns and vegetables – with high pressure processing (HPP) you have unlimited opportunities to supply ready meals that can last up to 90 days, without additives or preservatives. A wide array of meals that are ready to eat and easy to prepare –because consumers love variety.


From cured meats to sauces, the HPP system satisfies their demands with specific applications for almost every product.

Types of ready meals that can be processed with HPP

Benefits of cold pasteurization of ready meals

An explosion of taste, without preservatives

Consumers want natural foods with the taste of a freshly made dish. The HPP system can help you to offer them just that. Using cold water alone, our HPP machines help conserve the food’s original texture, colour and healthy vitamins. That is why HPP foods taste so delicious!

Safer and longer-lasting ready-to-eat foods
The HPP system processes ready-to-eat packaged products at 6,000 bar in order to neutralise pathogens and extend their shelf lives considerably. By processing foods directly in their final packaging, our machines eliminate the risk of subsequent contamination, thereby protecting both the consumers and your business.

Suitable for all types of packaging

High hydrostatic pressure treatment is also applied to prepared food containers, further increasing their safety and avoiding cross contamination.

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