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Healthy HPP products that build brands

Modern consumers look for foods with homespun recipes that need little or no preparation. To satisfy this demand, major supermarket chains are using high hydrostatic pressure to process their products so they can offer wet salads that are safer, fresher and ready to eat. Due to the growing popularity of these natural, preservative-free foods, many retailers choose to indicate that their products undergo HPP so as to connect their brand with these values of freshness and quality, from traditional potato salads to guacamole dips and salads with yoghurt sauce. HPP technology is what makes all of this possible.


Food safety comes first
The world renowned researcher V.M. Balasubramaniam described HPP technology as “the most promising food-safety innovation in recent years”.
HPP submerges wet salad packs in cold water and submits them to pressures of up to 6,000 bar, which inactivates pathogens that foods may carry, such as E. coli and Listeria. With HPP you’ll help to protect the health of consumers and the reputation of your business.


Full of flavour, without
The process does not only make HPP foods among the safest around, it can also improve their taste and texture on the palate. With HPP, manufacturers need not worry about acids or chemical additives that can alter the flavour, texture and quality of the food.

Maximum taste, longer shelf lives
Through the high pressure processing, sauces remain fresh for longer, in most cases extending their shelf life more than threefold. What’s more, the process conserves their healthiest nutrients, which are often destroyed in pasteurisation heat treatments.


Examples of products:

Foods prepared with HPP are healthier and taste better.

In extending the shelf life of the product, HPP dramatically reduces waste and increases profits.

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