The company

Hyperbaric Pasteurization Company

IDRO is the result of a joint effort between two great companies with more than 40 years of experience in the food manufacturing sector. It is a shared project that offers access to high pressure technology through a tolling service, allowing you to optimise the processes and costs associated with this new technology. We are a company that is independent of any particular manufacturer, and we follow a strict policy of maximum neutrality and confidentiality.

Letter from the CEO

This is not a passing fad. High pressure technology is a must for all industrialists who cannot use heat treatment on their products but want to improve their sensory characteristics and reduce the use of preservatives or other additives; for industrialists who, because of the specifics of their product, require a longer shelf life to reach new markets; and for all those who want to offer their customers products that are healthier and of higher quality.

Despite its all too evident benefits, the heavy investment required for this technology and the high cost of its upkeep have prevented it from spreading faster. Current demand is greater than the actual quantity produced with this technology.

Our extensive experience in the food manufacturing and retail industry grants us a global view of the needs of producers and of the incredible opportunities HPP technology offers, and it enables us to offer you an integrated service of the very highest quality. Only by doing this can we provide added value and position ourselves as a strategic partner for our clients.

Welcome to the fresh life!



Corporate culture

Today’s consumers want safer, healthier products of the very highest quality and freshness without any preservatives. We are here to help you respond to this growing need.
Our mission

To bring HPP technology within the reaches of all manufacturers of fresh and natural products, making it available at competitive prices and without the need for large investments.

Our view

We want to be our clients’ strategic partner, helping them to achieve products that are healthier and more natural and have longer shelf lives, thereby opening doors to new markets. We want to offer expert advice to producers and opinion leaders in the food chain and actively recommend HPP technology, in order to promote production lines that are fresher, safer and healthier for consumers. Furthermore, we want to offer appropriate working conditions and a pleasant atmosphere at our company.

Our values

In order to achieve this, we rely on our values, which define us as a company and drive us on in the search for continuous improvement: Commitment, Excellence and Flexibility. These are our values.

- Our values -


We align ourselves with our clients’ objectives and make a shared commitment with them towards a common goal. We share experiences and knowledge. We work side by side, fully aware that teamwork and participation are what will lead us to Excellence.



A hunger for quality is what drives us in all that we do. We are passionate about surpassing our own limits and overcoming challenges that once seemed impossible. We contribute to the success of our clients, surpassing their expectations of using of our service.

tolling service hpp



We have a highly specialised team that we make available to our clients so they can speed up their processes according to their needs and demand peaks. We quickly adapt to our clients’ circumstances to achieve greater synergies with them.

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