Más vida útil con HPP

Why treat convenience foods with HPP?

With the current pace of life we ​​barely have time to cook and eat healthy

So this is the era of HPP, one in which consumers have a wide assortment of easy-to-prepare meals at their disposal.

Prepared dishes treated with high pressure can last up to 90 days as freshly made, without preservatives or additives. From meat and fish to fruits and vegetables, the advantages of cold pasteurizing this type of food are many for manufacturers and consumers.

HPP subjects prepared food to pressures of up to 6,000 bar, neutralizing pathogens that may be present in it, such as Listeria and Clostridium botulinum. Therefore, the consumer will feel much safer when taking them.


Products RTE

The RTE concept refers to those ready-to-eat products. The final consumer loves variety. From sausages to sauces, our HPP technique meets the demand for almost all products of this type. Trays and food packages. Wet salads. soups. Chicken and steak precooked. Hummus or guacamole style snack packs. Vegetable main courses with pasta, rice, meat or seafood.

Free of additives

Consumers are missing all-natural foods that taste like they’re freshly prepared. High Pressure Hydrostatics can help you achieve this by using only cold water, our machines help RTE products retain their original texture, color and healthy vitamins.

HPP makes RTE foods safer and last longer.

HPP subjects RTE packaged products to 6,000 bar to neutralize pathogens and extend shelf life by up to three times. By processing food in consumer packaging, our machines eliminate the risk of subsequent contamination to protect consumers and your business.



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