HPP sostenible


Sustainability within the Food Industry becomes a key piece for sustainable development. Problems such as malnutrition, climate change and ecosystem degradation are directly related to the current food system. Furthermore, since food is a biological need of the human being, the Food Industry has become the main supplier of food consumed worldwide and, considering that by 2050 an increase of 60% in the demand for food is estimated, meeting The problems of the current food system become increasingly relevant for the future of the planet and the generations ahead.

The main sustainability advantage offered by HPP technology is the reduction of food waste thanks to the increase in its useful life.

On the other hand, compared to the water consumption of other food industries, HPP, despite using water as a pressure transmission vehicle, consumes less water than other industries in the sector. This is because water can be reused. To guarantee food safety, this water is filtered by macro- and microparticle filters before being reused.

Sustainability in the Food Industry provides various benefits to the environment. Mainly, it allows improvements to be developed in the agriculture and processing phases, thus achieving better use of the land, improving the quality of the soil and, above all, avoiding the use of fossil fuels or other chemicals that harm the growing area and health. of the farmers.

Benefits of sustainability in the Food Industry:

      • Social: Decent work and fair trade through a more transparent and concise supply chain, as well as improving the quality of life and providing food security to the population.
      • Economic: Reduction of costs in the production chain, savings of resources such as water and energy, promotion of local and ecological consumption, stabilization of food prices, and greater profitability for companies.
      • Environmental: Improve soil quality, as well as make supply chain operations green, reduce the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. Provide a better quality of life to animals, being more empathetic and compassionate with them.



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