Exportacion de productos fuera de la Unión Europea


Do you want to export your products without worrying about the waiting time until it reaches the final consumer?

At IDRO we help you so that exporting to third countries is not a problem!

To export some products to countries that do not belong to the European Union, it is necessary that the establishments are authorized by the competent authorities. At IDRO we have the SAE (Specific Self-Control System) level 3 certificate for meat products, which allows us to export to some of the most demanding markets, such as the United States, Japan, and Canada, among others.

Our certifier Bureau Veritas is in charge of evaluating our company annually in order to ensure that we comply with all the necessary applicable requirements, in a way that allows us to have current and updated legislation at all times, and thus maintain the safety and traceability of the product. until its purchase by the final consumer.

The high pressure treatment reduces the counts of aerobic microorganisms, molds and yeasts to levels below those detectable, and ensures that Listeria and Salmonella are not a problem for the consumer. As a result, a high sensory, nutritional and microbiological quality is obtained that, together with its long shelf life, will make the product an ideal element for export.



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