Success story: How helped to P.G. NIKAS the HPP technology

For more than 50 years P.G. Nikas has been a successful manufacturer of cured meat products in Athens, Greece.

Continuing with its trajectory of innovation and quality, P.G. Nikas bought a high-pressure JBTAvure unit. “One of our main reasons for purchasing a JBTAvure HPP machine was that it improved our profitability due to higher throughput, while maintaining the same carbon footprint in our factory,” said Georgios Giatrakos. “In addition to higher performance and better profitability, the JBTAvure machine was also faster, because we can increase the pressure limit to 6000 bar.”

Giatrakos continued: “Our JBTAvure machine also offers better taste because the software allows us to individually configure the settings for each product, improving the taste and food safety of each individual product we make. So whether it’s ham, sausage or bacon, we are able to customize the exact configuration.”

HPP is a well-established effective technology for the elimination of foodborne pathogens in many foods and beverages. It is widely used in the meat and poultry industry to eliminate listeria.

Giatrakos added: “In P.G. Nikas, one of our mission statements is “It’s good to improve quality” and we believe our new JBTAvure HPP machine does exactly that for us.”

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