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Energy efficiency and HPP

After the new boom in energy regulation, last month a new publication came out in the BOE that spoke, among other things, of the measures that must be taken from now on in all areas (transport, business economics, scholarships and aid, etc) to improve the use of energy in our country and thus avoid, as far as possible, the economic and environmental impact that an excessive and unnecessary use of energy resources may have.

With this new publication, it has been decreed in Article 29 of Chapter I of Title V: Saving measures, energy efficiency and reduction of energy dependence on natural gas; the following premises:

“The air temperature in the conditioned habitable rooms indicated in section 2 of the I.T. 3.8.1 of the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE), approved by Royal Decree 1027/2007, of July 20, will be limited to the following values:

  1. The air temperature in the heated rooms will not exceed 19ºC.
  2. The air temperature in refrigerated rooms will not be less than 27 ºC.
  3. The above temperature conditions will refer to maintaining a relative humidity between 30% and 70%.

The above limitations will apply exclusively during the use, operation and maintenance of the thermal installation, for energy saving reasons, regardless of the internal design conditions established in the I.T. of the aforementioned Regulation or in the regulations that would have been applicable at the time of the design of the thermal installation.”

Since supermarkets are defined as “commercial establishments” according to the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE), they must also comply with these temperature limitation regulations.

How could high pressure help us in this regard?

In cured meat products, high pressures have different applications, such as food safety, Listeria 0, shelf life increase and non-cold storage of products.

With the rise in temperatures in summer combined with this new law, the thermal shock that products may suffer from being in a cold store at 2-4ºC or at most 10ºC in some cases, is more undesirable from the point of view of food safety than if it were always kept at the temperature of the establishment (from now on, >27ºC).

With the HPP treatment, it is possible to extend a cured sausage for up to 6-8 months without the need to store it in refrigeration, so the energy cost is greatly reduced, as well as the competition for the cold shelves in supermarkets/points of sale.

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