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What’s in a food scientist’s fridge?

In the lab, our food scientists abide by an unwritten rule: no matter how loud your stomach rumbles, do not – under any circumstances – grab a quick snack from the test kitchen fridge.

Why? Because “Peach Mint Mango Chutney – 3/6/15 – Stability & Microbiological Profile Analysis” isn’t meant for consumption.

Fortunately, at home, those rules don’t apply. So we thought it would be interesting to find out what HPP foods and drinks our food scientists stock in their personal fridges.

Errol Raghubeer, senior vice president of HPP science and technology
Hot pepper sauces. Give him a piece of tree bark, and he’ll go to town.

Bick-Ngoc Phan, director, microbiology and food technology
Juices and convenient ready-to-eat meat. In the lab, her passion is seafood. At home, cold cuts rule.

David Peck, senior food scientist
Guacamole and juice. David’s a meat guy through and through, but even he can’t resist a good guac. Dare we say it beats mayo on burgers?

Colleen Galieti, food scientist
“I love all natural deli meats. They’re great for lunch and preservative free. And every now and then, I’ll snack on delicious HPP guacamole.”

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